Local Experts Providing Comprehensive Tax, Accounting & Payroll Services

E&A serves business at all stages, from small start-ups to mature businesses with hundreds of employees to those winding down in a wide range of industries. Business owners and their employees have their own core competencies. Financial analysis, accounting, tax, and business management matters are ours. We can't do what you do in your business, so don't rack your brain trying to figure out how to post transactions in your accounting system, or trying to keep up with ever-changing tax laws.

It's our job to get you every legitimate tax savings and/or identify business opportunities. In fact, many clients have commented on the team's ability to present technical matters understandably and that "nobody else has asked us this many questions about our business."

Whether you want guidance and advice on technical or non-technical matters, we are ready to serve you. Our experience enables us to see beyond obvious symptoms and get to the heart of underlying business issues. No matter what your needs, you'll appreciate the way our team works with you. We objectively analyze your situation and provide specific recommendations to improving performance and profitability, while always remembering its your company. As Whitey Herzog said, "Owners-own and managers-manage. Never forget which one you are."